Promotive Industrial Co., Ltd. is based on the ISO9000 quality system to control the product quality (switches, OEM & DIY), design / development and manufacturing. The clear quality policy and 5S system to let us to make the precise & consistent product. Besides, PIC has already got the several important safty & quality approval as well as design patent. We provide the instant service, short lead time and reasonable low cost to fulfill the customer request.

· Quality Policy
· 1. To provide high-grade products.
· 2. Continual improvement on quality system.
· 3. To satisfy our customer’s quality needs.

· QC/Technical Support
· Quality control is based on ISO 9001 requirements, with written quality policy goals, procedures and statistical analysis.

· Standards & Approvals
· ISO 9001

· Procedures/testing Details
· Incoming quality control
· Outgoing quality control (MIL-STD-105E)
· Process quality control (fix-time interval and random sampling)
· Equipment Calibration

· Other Information
· MRB, production meetings, staff
· training, internal audits and 5's
· technique are used to enhance quality processes.

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