Promotive Industrial Co., Ltd. (PIC) is one of the most famous Component Manufactures in Hong Kong. We have continued to serve the industry with our precise and high quality products over 45 years. Nowadays, PIC`s components are widely used by the Industry.
  PIC offers a wide variety of Electronic switches and Power switches for customers' choices. With over 1300 different types of our standard switches and manufactured under ISO9001 requirement, PIC becomes one of the largest switch manufacturer in South East Asia. Most of our Power switches have been approved by UL, CSA, VDE, CQC/CCC and other Approval Agencies. PIC switch is a favorable brand for the Electronic and Electrical Industry.
  PIC has engaged in making precision die/mould of metal parts and plastic parts for 45 years. With our comprehensive and systematic making of mould and die, PIC provides low priced and good quality of metal and plastic parts for our customers.
  PIC has a team of professional engineers and designers working in our R & D Department to design and develop OEM products for our customers. When needed, they are ready to help the customers to design and solve the technical problems. Condensation of 25 years of experience, PIC has also developed a series of Rechargeable hand tools and cleaning tools with our own brand name. We are welcome for all OEM components and products.
  For any enquiry about switches, metal & plastic parts, OEM assembly, and others, please consult us with your requirement. We are sure to have what you need.

Head Office: 33/F King Palace Plaza, 52A Sha Tsui Road, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2408 6681
Fax: (852) 2409 5086
E-mail(Hong Kong):
Web Page:
Store: Unit C,20/F,Shield Industrial Centre 84-92 Chai Wan Kok Street Tsuen Wan,HONG KONG
Tel: (852) 2417 1080
Fax: (852) 2417 1090
Factory Address: 10 Xing Wang Road, Tian Tang Wei Village, Fenggang Town, Dongguan City,Guangdong Province, China
Tel: (86-769) 82010236 , 82010237 , 82010239
Fax: (86-769) 82010238
Factory Location Map: (Map)


2021 Renewal ISO 9001:2015 through CQC (China) .
2018 PIC successfully upgraded from ISO9001:2008 to ISO9001:2015 that was registered by CQC (China).
2017 Relocate all assembly production of Lunghua factory to Dongguan factory.
Production Capacity in Year 2017 :      
Metal part exceeded 27 Million pieces      
Cutting part exceeded 2 Million pieces
Plastic part exceeded 5 Million pieces
Switch exceeded 18 Million pieces
2015 Renewal ISO 9001:2008 through CQC (China).
2013 Established the dust control Reflector Workshop in Dongguan Promotive
Electronics Factory to expand the product lines.

Upgrade the MRP system to new EPICOR ERP System for Production Management.
Re-construct lung Wah Factory to a wholly foreign owned enterprises-Shenzhen Prosper Electronics Co.Ltd.and get the ISO9001 approval.

2009 PIC expanded the plastic injection capability in Dongguan Factory and established new assembly factory in GuangXi .
PIC also gets the Toy Grade Approval in Mattel Supplier Quality system.
PIC successfully upgraded from ISO9001:2000 to ISO 9001:2008 version to strength the Quality System and Management.
2008 PIC switch & OEM production lines were relocated to Dongguan Factory.
UL, CSA, VDE, KEMA, JIS and CQC had checked and approved the Dongguan factory for switch production.
A new Plastic Injection workshop was set up in Dongguan Factory and started the production in June.  
PIC had got the new switch approval UL60158. A new approved testing laboratory had been established in Dongguan Factory. Our new UL file number  for UL61058 is E317931.

Metal stamping, machine cutting and assembly Operation had started in Dongguan Factory.

2006 PIC successfully upgraded from ISO14001:1996 to ISO 14001:2004 that was registered by CQC (China).
2005 Implement RoHS compliance to all PIC products and started the stamping & cutting operation in new Dongguan factory.
2004 The construction of the new Dongguan factory was started and the area was over 20,000 sq. meters. Upgrading and improving the manufacturing environment, PIC obtained the certificate of ISO14001 registered by CCIC (China)
2003 To obtain the CQC (CHINA) certificate successfully.
2002 Purchased 20,000 square meters of land in Dongguan area for the future development of Dongguan Promotive Electronics Factory.
The Testing & Loading Laboratory had been expanded. UL had approved the new Lab for testing more high voltage loadings. 
PIC quality system was successfully upgraded from ISO 9001:1994 to ISO 9001:2000. It had been certified & approved by UL (USA). 
PIC OEM assembly section for Satori products had also been approval by UL (Japan) as a certified body of ISO 9002:2000. This approval had consolidated PIC OEM section with Satori S-Tech (Japan) as one “Quality Approval Body”. This had enhanced and enlarged the cooperation between the two companies.
2001 Established Dongguan Promotive Electronics Factory (in Dongguan area) and Ningbo Promotive Electronics Industrial Co., Ltd. (in Ningbo city). These joint-venture companies were the bridge stones for enlarging our operation in China.
2000 PIC extended the ISO9000 scope and successfully obtained the certificate of ISO9001 from UNDERWRITERS LABORATORIES INC. (UL) of USA.
1999 The expansion of the Testing & Loading Laboratory had been completed and approved by UL (USA). The new developed switch series with loading 16 Amp / 110 VAC had got the safety approval from UL (USA). PIC started the operation for the OEM assembly of illumination parts.

The assembly place for OEM products had been enlarged. The assembly production for Electrical Hand Tools and Components Assembly were under full operation in Long Hua plant.

1997 All Plastic injection facilities had been relocated to Long Hua Plant and the production started in August.
1996 The completion of the construction for the second factory building and workers' dormitory at LONG HUA plant. The assembly operation at Shekou Plant was relocated to Long Hua Plant for production centralization. Enlarged the operation scale of the OEM assembly for Satori Electric Co., Ltd. (Japan) and start to make the parts for Satori.
1995 Developed and manufactured the DIY (Do It Yourself) hand tool.
Start assembly business with Satori Electric Co., Ltd .
1994 PIC obtained the certificate of ISO 9002:1994 registered by UNDERWRITERS LABORATORIES INC. (UL) of USA.
1991 The new production plant at Long Hua Town of PRC was in operation. The newly constructed building (about 4600 square meters in area) was for the production of auto-lathe parts and switch assembly. The metal parts stamping section and electro-plating section were relocated to this plant by 1992.
1988 The new production plant at Shekou Town of PRC was in operation. The newly constructed plant was shared with our sister company – SUN DENKI (HONG KONG) CO., LTD. which was mainly for OEM assembly of electronic products.
1982 Established a switch assembly production plant in Shenzhen City of PRC.

Established a switch assembly production plant in Shekou Town of PRC.

1979 Established “EVERBRIGHT ELECTRO-PLATING FACTORY “ to commence the electro-plating production.

Established “ HEI HEI ENTERPRISES LTD. “ to commence plastic injection molding production. Established “WILCO PRECISION WORKS FACTORY “ to commence precision auto-lathe parts fabrication.

1975 The company was re-structured with increased capital and the company name changed to “ PROMOTIVE INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. "
1973 Established and commenced metal & switches manufacturing under the name of “ PROGRESS INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS CO."
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